EPROD Drilling & Blasting Services

EPROD mining services limited, is a company based in Tanzania established to offer mining services and Civil Construction works.

Mining Specialty works includes;

 To carry on the business of Blasting Services:

  Open pit mining

  Underground mining

  Artisan & small scale miners


We have experienced personnel with the ability to provide quality blasting services by ensuring flow of pit is at a standard level to avoid formation of toes from blasting operations, unless the ground conditions are totally bad.

We ensure the stability of toe and its wall, by using the necessary products and expertise during charging of holes in pre-split to ensure the stability. Together with our experienced and committed employees, we strive to serve beyond your expectations.

At EPROD we create sustainable value for money through our professional and experienced employees, safety standards and good management. Our clients' jobs are done safely and every step is under control to provide the most economical and best service within/ahead of schedule.

Our people. Our foundation.

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