EPROD MINING SERVICES and CIVIL CONSTRUCTION LTD is the leading mining company with operations in Geita and Mwanza in Tanzania.

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EPROD is the largest provider of drilling and blasting services, for open pit mining, underground mining, artisan & small scale mining and quarrying.

EPROD is the largest service provider for building and civil works;   for road construction, building construction, and structural works.

EPROD is specialized in civil industry that includes, earthworks, concrete and asphalt paving, aggregate production and the manufacturing of concrete and asphalt pavement.

EPROD is specialized in the supply and delivery of aggregate and sand products. EPROD is also experienced in hauling processed ore and other mined raw materials.

EPROD mining services Limited, offers services of explosives storage, supply and transportation. The explosives we are dealing with are; ANFO (Ammonium Nitrate/Fuel Oil), Explosive Boosters, Cone park Safety fuse, Detonating Cords, Electric Detonators etc

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